The threat of the echo chamber is something of a recurring theme at Social Media Week London. In a session on social news
Bosses need to work harder at learning to 'speak human,' sounding like real people who are dealing with the issues in a realistic way, being more honest about the problems they face, instead of simply repeating a series of 'key messages' in interviews while avoiding the tough questions.
The BBC's coverage of the joint investigation BuzzFeed contributed intensive data analysis to the tennis match-fixing story
There's a lot of uncertainty in this world, but there's one thing we can be sure of - some people suddenly become ridiculous
Being faced with acne can be especially daunting, especially if you have skin prone to a flare up at random times. To combat
You may have seen BuzzFeed assaulting your Facebook News Feed left, right and centre with videos titled "Questions Americans
"Uh oh, he just pushed a person in a wheel chair down" and "were we supposed to laugh at that?" are just some of the remarks
Women have it hard in the workplace, but a lot of men just don't notice. BuzzFeed Video have decided to point out a few of
We finally have an explanation for all those crazy things cats do. We think they're just drunk all the time. It would certainly