cancer prevention

The husband of Kate Gross, the aide to Tony Blair who died of colon cancer on Christmas day, has invented a breath test that
A young bride has told how her groom delayed having vital medical tests for lung cancer so he could get married – only to
Women (and men) across social media are being urged to share selfies with lipstick smeared on their face as part of a cervical
With every breath you take you could be harming your health. That's according to new research that suggests oxygen in the
Two-fifths of people who have an abnormal bowel test result and are referred for further investigation decide to drop out
A revolutionary new pill for advanced skin cancer that may offer new hope to people with resistant disease is to be trialled
The majority of cancer cases boil down to sheer bad luck rather than unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet choices or inherited
Scientists have found a new type of antibody which could help treat cancer by boosting a person's immune system. Antibody
Bad news for those who married their childhood sweetheart and never strayed, but great news for those who have been pilloried
Around 130 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day - our mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers all make up