caroline flint

As the government tries to explain that we’re all in this together, senior ex-MPs Caroline Flint and Caroline Spelman talk about their cross-party work to ensure the least well off areas of the country are not left behind in the drive to achieve net zero carbon emissions and tackle the climate emergency, with Arj Singh and Paul Waugh.
The leader has been blamed by some in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) for its loss of 59 seats.
Shadow foreign secretary denies former Labour MP's claim she said some voters were "stupid".
Caroline Flint says "ardent Remainers" like Thornberry or shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer should not replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.
MP told to "cross the floor" to sit with the Tories as crunch Brexit vote debate unfolded.
Rotherham MP also refuses to commit to backing a vote of no confidence to bring down the Tory government.
Group of Labour MPs in Leave areas could be wooed by Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt.
The calls come ahead of more Brexit talks with Labour
Backbencher Caroline Flint, meanwhile, has demanded Corbyn offers a free vote on an "improved" May Brexit deal.
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