Centre for Social Justice

Radical neoliberalism must be met with radical socialist policies to dispel the potential suffering of so many, Labour party activist Tom Hinchcliffe writes.
Centre for Social Justice calls for hike to boost economy and help older workers.
The DWP secretary has taken to Twitter to defend Universal Credit roll-out.
Work and pensions secretary David Gauke has vowed not to let the ‘hard left’ win arguments over Universal Credit on the social
Five-year deals with private contractors Carillion and Geo Amey that the MoJ entered in 2014 are failing to deliver promised savings.
Cockroaches, filthy toilets, litter-strewn cells and electric wires hanging above shower cubicles - prisoners are living
Imagine in a job interview you're asked whether you're planning to stick with your husband, who is serving in the Armed Forces. Imagine as a child you're sent to a different school every 2 years. Imagine you can't get a mobile phone contract, or a loan for a washing machine, or pay for anything by instalments because you don't have a decent enough credit rating. You don't have to imagine it - welcome to the world of the military family...
Iain Duncan Smith has made a strong defence of the role of religion in public life, warning that British politicians have
Iain Duncan Smith has a decade-long association with the Centre for Social Justice Awards. The Work and Pensions Secretary
You may think a leading bank with an extensive global presence and a shelter for homeless and vulnerable people in South