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She claimed that she was subjected to Islamaphobic responses as a result: A fact about British Muslims’ charitable donations
Women don't have to choose between caring about the world around them and being good in business, it is possible to combine the two by bringing charity into the heart of business and really make a difference to those in a less fortunate position.
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Imagine the scene: you're throwing some clothes into one of those big charity donation containers - when you accidentally
When I'm asked - as I regularly am - what my favourite part of my job is, I always smile and recall the Tardos that I've enjoyed a bit of verbal sparring with. They're the exception rather than the rule this lot, but when you come across one it's like finding an extra veggie sausage hiding under your free-range, corn-fed, organic poached egg at breakfast. They really do brighten up my day.
The government's proposed scheme for charities to claim a gift aid-style payment on small cash donations "could unlock around
Claire Squires, the runner who collapsed and died during the London Marathon, was competing to raise money for the Samaritans
Donations to the charity supported by Claire Squires, an "inspirational" runner who collapsed and died during the London
Some of the wealthiest people in the country are donating to charities which "don't do a great deal of charitable work" in