Christo Wiese

SA billionaire businessman Christo Wiese is retiring from his role as non-executive chairperson of investment company Brait
The claims relate to investments made by Wiese’s Titan group of companies in Steinhoff in 2015 and 2016.
It has two lounges (one forward and one back), two four-seat dining tables, as well as an entertainment system.
The former chairman of the embattled company — and once South Africa's third richest man — is disposing of a Falcon and Boeing.
Former chair blames Steinhoff's failure to detect fraud and accounting irregularities on structure of company and auditors who check their books.
Here’re 5 reasons we think it’s a good move
The accounting scandal has also taken a steep toll on the wealth and lifestyle of some of its principals.
Steinhoff met with lenders this week as its shares hit a 17 year low.
Wiese reportedly resigned to address any conflict of interest concerns.
The former Steinhoff CEO seemingly has a close friendship with a keen, blonde polo player from Paarl.
The company's true value is unknown at this point.
The two behemoths face serious crises, as tough questions about conduct and company ethos are posed.
Nothing happened after Marikana. Nothing will happen now. Nobody really cares.
Focusing on inequality is not a "perverse obsession", as South Africa's richest man would have us believe. It's necessary to collapse an untenable hegemony.