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UPDATE: Comedy Central 'Friends' Fest London Announces More Tickets As Demand Surprises Organisers An exhibition of sets
NEW YORK -- Nicola Sturgeon engaged in some able badinage with Jon Stewart on Monday, Scotland’s first minister appearing
There's only one episode left of Better Call Saul - sad face - and it's got me all nostalgic about the time I met Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte AKA Walt Jr (AKA Flynn). Actually, when I say 'nostalgic', it was only actually a couple of weeks ago, I just don't get out very much.
News hit us on Tuesday that Jon Stewart will be stepping down as host of 'The Daily Show' this year. The comedy genius has
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Justin Bieber has reportedly signed on to receive a verbal roasting on TV. He'll
But, surprisingly, a bunch of appreciation for its educational value... who says watching telly is bad for you? 'Drunk History
The popular rapper Professor Green recently confessed to me that he thinks he might be a WEREWOLF!!... But first, with All Hallow's Eve this week, I thought there'd be no better time to sit down and think about my favourite monster.
What is it about rock stars that won't make them quit while they're ahead? ... I mean, just think of some of the more hedonistic behaviour - eating bats (Ozzy Osbourne), the shark episode (Led Zepellin), urinating on the Alamo (Osbourne again) - if any of them behaved like that in a nursing home then they'd be dosed up and diagnosed with senile dementia.
'Game of Thrones' star Peter Dinklage will be speaking to Jon Stewart tonight on 'The Daily Show', explaining the lengths
Kevin Spacey tells Jon Stewart on tonight's Daily Show his honest, pretty blunt opinion of the politicians he encountered