Computer Virus

The Brit was hailed as a hero in May 2017 when he found a “kill-switch” that slowed the effects of the WannaCry virus.
A computer virus has been discovered in Hong Kong which specifically spies on iPhones and iPads. Security researches believe
British businesses are under threat from an "undetectable" new virus capable of wreaking havoc on theoretically secure computers
There is a long-standing internet hoax about a supposed 'virus' found on Windows machines. If you follow the advice, you
Security experts have urged internet users not to panic and instantly change their passwords in wake of the Heartbleed bug
UPDATE: Kaspersky has clarified that the International Space Station was not infected with Stuxnet. In a statement the company
A very strange (and worrying) new form of computer virus appears to be able to infect your PC through its speakers. The rootkit
Charities and police have warned that computer hackers are able to watch victims through their laptop webcams. The practice
Computer viruses are increasingly terrifying, with the capacity to destabilise entire nation states. But for some reason
A new form of computer virus which can build itself out of discarded pieces of benign computer code has been resented at