Consumer behaviour

Companies respond to consumer behaviour and we need to show them there is a reason to change
My sister just got back from Tesco. "Something weird just happened," she said. Little did I know 'something weird' would
This new era means that the customer is in total control and will treat standard operating procedures with disdain. Catalina's research shows retailers and brands alike must embrace this new dawn, innovate around these new digital enablers and create enjoyable, meaningful shopping experiences.
Weather matters for UK retailers. It has a powerful impact on the purchase decision making process for consumers. At the same time, weather is increasingly volatile and unpredictable, and consequently can have both positive and negative impact on sales for retailers.
Going to the high street will no longer be about just hitting the shops. It'll be about meeting new people, participating in new experiences, creating something and learning new things. We've lost a sense of vibrant local communities and local economies. It's time we rebuilt them.
Businesses inevitably have to wake up to new technologies and adopt them to keep abreast with the changing times. we have seen more and more businesses, including restaurants, seek to mine the sea of data available to them both internally as well out in the virtual world.