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Retailers should consider targetting youth products at kids from emerging market countries, as British kids' low spending
The UK's market leading cinema chain Cineworld has announced a further three sites for new cinemas in Bracknell, Swindon
In one of my recent blogs I explored the increasing importance of the customer experience, particularly because customers are now also publishers - they can easily tell their friends how good or bad your service is at the push of a button.
The Bank of England revised down its growth forecast for 2012 to virtually zero last week, reinforcing the raft of weak economic data released recently. The UK economy has now contracted in 5 out of the last 7 quarters and net growth since the end of the recession in 2009 has been negligible.
Inflation figures published on Tuesday are expected to show that the squeeze on consumer spending maintained its grip in
The number of empty shops hit an all-time high last month amid a post-Christmas series of retail failures, according to a
Consumer confidence fell back last month as fears over the economic climate took hold, according to mortgage provider Nationwide
I once worked with a girl who, when a stunning Valentine's bouquet was delivered for her, remained unmoved. I asked why, only to be told she'd let her suitor know exactly what she wanted, most importantly that the flowers be delivered so the entire office got a good look at them. She might as well have kicked romance up the arse.
Unlike a pure Keynesian approach of investment in infrastructure to promote employment and through this economic activity, I am suggesting that we use investment to redistribute cash and create activity which leads to jobs.
A record £400 million was repaid from personal borrowings in December as consumers continued to shrink their debts, the Bank