"I have honestly never been more shocked in my life."
"All I have tweeted is a still from a BBC comedy programme," Bob Frost told HuffPost UK.
The lack of a parental leave policy seriously impacted on my family life and mental health when I was a councillor - and I was forced to stand down
Race is now formally on for the safe Labour seat
Labour has become something far removed from the party I joined. It's not necessarily worse than my Labour, though my inclination is that it is, but it's different enough for me to feel that it I don't know it anymore.
It's Monday morning and Ellie's recycling hasn't been collected, frustrated she sends a DM to the council Twitter account on her way out of the house. Using geolocation it dispatches a drone to go collect the bag that was missed by the refuse collection and sends her a picture to show it being removed.
She told me that it was their usual habit to include a licensed bar at the 'family disco' and that she had not received any other negative feedback about it. Bottom line...I was wrong and had been put firmly in my place.
Police are investigating whether Savile was involved in an abuse ring at his highland cottage The motion to remove Savile's
A Conservative councillor has been sacked after cracking a joke about the shooting deaths of two policewomen. David Stephenson
A council candidate dressed as a penguin beat the Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh on Friday during an election that saw support
A woman has been arrested after a mannequin was entered as a candidate for the upcoming council elections. The dummy, named
Westminster City Council is stubbornly implementing charges for late evening, early night-time and Sunday parking in the West End, against the advice of residents, businesses, the entertainment industry, and churches.