The symptoms are getting worse. I wake up at night, my mind racing at a frantic pace, the ideas flooding me with a tidal
The black dog has left the building. I'm back to myself; returned to the living. I swear next time when this happens (if it happens again), I'll be more on the lookout for signs. I looked back in my diary and read what I was doing just before I had a major depression.
In my dance with the dreaded C word, strange things have happened. This journey isn't one on which the expected happens, simply by the fact that its nature is to be unexpected. No one expects to have cancer, especially young...
I then sent him a picture message. Of the contract I had had to sign at the tattoo parlour.
Ever since childhood, I remember being fascinated by the notion of crazy people; to the extent that when a primary school teacher read a poem about a crazy woman, and asked the class what they thought, I piped up by saying "Well, maybe she isn't crazy; she just sees the world differently. Maybe we are the ones that are crazy". I was eight.
Challenging the status quo, be that in the business, leadership and management arena, or in any other for that matter, requires an alternative approach - and the skill of being brave enough to go for it.