Dairy farming

A dairy farm has apologised after a complaint accused it of “trivialising Hinduism”. But a UK Hindu leader feels there’s nothing religiously offensive.
Sectors like car manufacturing and dairy would be "particularly hard hit".
And it's getting millennials interested in farming.
It is undoubtedly a very frustrating and worrying time for British dairy farmers. Milk prices are plummeting. With increased milk supply around the world and demand not increasing at the same pace, huge pressure has been put on milk values. For some it means they are now only getting around 25 pence-per-litre for their product. With the cost of production sitting much higher than this it is no wonder that many fear for the future of their farm businesses... What we also know is that it is clear that the British public want to back British farming and continue to support British dairy farmers during this difficult time.
Farmers could stage further protests against the price they are paid for milk, one of the industry's leaders said on Friday
There is a well documented crisis affecting British farming - not as a result of evolutionary market forces, but of bad politics.