Death Star

Who needs a Death Star, when our entire planet could potentially be swallowed by our own Sun in the future anyway? A team
I was recently neknominated by a friend. For those of you who have been living on a desert island (that has no internet access) for the past couple of months, Neknominate is an internet-spread drinking game whereby the nominated drinks a pint of alcohol (often beer) and then passes on the nomination to someone else via social media...
A funding drive to gather £542 quadrillion to build a Death Star has gathered early support on Kickstarter. The project to
Darth Vader's Galactic Empire has issued an official response after President Obama refused to build a Death Star. The White
A petition calling on President Obama to build a working Death Star has been rejected by the White House. The proposal to
An American citizen's petition for President Obama to build a working Death Star has reached the required total for an official
The world's biggest military and a dead Bin Laden are apparently not enough to make some Americans feel secure. A petition
A petition has been launched in America calling for the White House to build a Death Star. More than 1,000 American citizens