Department for International Trade

The prime minister is reforming Whitehall and has already got rid of the Department for International Development.
Equivalent US body has 360 employees while 377 work for EU trade disputes group - but Government says the UK body doesn't exist yet.
'We all procrastinate from time to time, but Liam Fox is taking it to another level.'
We cannot afford to sacrifice what’s left of our skeletal principles
The UK could lose free trade deals with countries such as Canada, Japan and South Korea after Brexit, a Government minister
Jacob Rees-Mogg laid into Philip Hammond's Department
Liam Fox’s Whitehall department has come under fire after tweeting a link to a report by pro-Brexit economists that attacked
'The civil service is left in the lurch, as ill-equipped as the Prime Minister is clueless.'
The Government has “no idea” how many civil servants and how much cash are being exclusively devoted to Brexit. Fifteen of
Lord Price: Britain 'understands' the message from Germany and others
The UK has accepted it will have to quit the EU customs union, a Government trade minister has suggested. Lord Price, a minister