PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Doctors are failing cancer patients "far too often" by not spotting other medical problems caused by
A few Thursdays ago I had the pleasure of visiting a special operating theatre at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. I was particularly excited as the hospital is part of my old alma mater, the Imperial College School of Medicine.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Leading doctors are calling for action over the "worrying" number of women in the UK dying in pregnancy
The NHS is about what people need and not what they want. That's the intention with which it was set up, and indeed that is how modern medicine is set up. And the boundaries between what folk need and want have become totally blurred.
The founder of our greatest public service the NHS Aneurin Bevan wrote a book entitled "In Place of Fear". In 2011 we need to place employee "motivation" in place of "fear."
For thousands of young people in Britain, next Wednesday is the biggest day of their life so far. They have waited at least five, perhaps six, years for this moment. On 3 August a new intake of junior doctors take their first cautious steps on to hospital wards. Should you be concerned?
The great tension in the new healthcare system is the conflict between upwards accountability to the National Commissioning Board and the horizontal, local accountability - meeting local health needs and collaborating with local government. For NHS staff and GPs it is not difficult to work out whose priorities will win if these forces are pulling in different directions.
I have been fascinated by stories of ghostly encounters, the paranormal and the unexplained. I do though walk around with
So when on call for long periods, junior doctors really do have a lot in common with those party girls from LA. It's the simple life we live. We can do thin, we can do catwalks and we do community service but get paid for it.