Brexit wad blamed for delays as French border officials stamped UK passports.
The cash would have paid for additional checks needed because of Brexit.
Simon Calder said the French authorities are doing what "we asked them to do" after the UK left the EU.
She said people stuck in lengthy queues need to "have a bit of patience".
Natalie Elphicke chose to ignore the rather large elephant in the room.
Four people die off Kent coast as skipper of trawler that saved 31 lives says it was like “something out of a Second World War movie”.
"It doesn’t match the scale or urgency of the small boats crisis," Natalie Elphicke said.
The refugees said some of them are "very sick" and they feel like they're "in prison".
Tensions are rising over asylum seekers arriving at UK shores once again, with refugees put in the middle.
More than 110 charities have called for the home secretary to make "fair, kind and effective" migrant systems.