Dust storm

In the midst of the worst bushfire season in living memory, parts of south east Australia have been hit by flash flooding, golf ball sized hail, and large dust storms.
High winds and dust created a thick storm that passed over the Australian state of Victoria on 7 May 2018. The town was plunged into darkness as the mass moved over houses and roads. Residents reported that clear skies returned after about an hour.
A dust storm hit the town of New South Wales, Australia, on Tuesday, turning the sky a dark red and causing power outages for 5000 homes. Sally Lees filmed from her family farm in the town of Barellan.
These extraordinary images show how the power of an unprecedented dust storm swallowed Tehran, plunging Iran's capital into
It might seem strange to some that dust from the Sahara is falling on their cars in England. Stranger still, that Saharan sand is mixing with general air pollution from both Europe and the UK to bring about the maximum possible health warning for air quality to parts of the country. But air pollution is hardly a new phenomenon...