At least four protesters have died and hundreds have been wounded so far.
Ecuador has become the latest South American country to approve same-sex marriage. It comes after the Catholic majority country’s Constitutional Court passed a ruling in favour of two couples that have battled for years to have their unions legally recognised. It is not immediately clear how far-reaching the ruling will be.
The WikiLeaks founder's supporters range from Ecuador's former president to actress Pamela Anderson.
WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson expressed concern there could be serious charges awaiting Assange.
Rival protests in the Ecuadorian capital have revealed tensions regarding the situation of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The whistleblower has accused Ecuador of trying to kick him out of their London embassy where he has been living for six years, reportedly costing the Ecuadorian government six million dollars.
Officials also say his skateboarding is damaging the interior of the building.
When a fire broke out at the San Martin Zoo in Ecuador, locals rushed in to help zoo workers evacuate the animals as the enclosures filled with smoke. Local media are reporting that two people have been arrested for starting the fire. All the animals were returned to the zoo the next day.
The WikiLeaks founder has been living inside the Ecuadorian embassy for more than six years.
Homes and businesses have been destroyed in a number of cities.