Election Campaigns

Minute's silence on Thursday, then local campaigns restart.
'Prolonging the disruption to normality' allows the 'terrorists to win', says Paul Nuttall
Jeremy Corbyn will resume Labour’s general election campaign on Friday with a defiant message that terrorists cannot be allowed
Ukip will launch its election manifesto on Thursday as it becomes the first party to resume national campaigning after the
For all of his manifest flaws, Nixon at least had an idea of what he was doing in the White House.
“Two years ago we were on the backfoot, we were under attack,” says Lib Dem Simon Hughes, before adding: “Most people have
As a kid with AS, who suffered from limited empathy and theory of mind as a result, stories were always how I understood the world. I learnt empathy through fictional characters, through taking dilemmas I found in stories and applying them to my real life. (This created some problems when I went through the customary Enid Blyton phase. Most people don't describe things as "spiffing.")
Theresa May 'just does not like people', says Lib Dem leader.
Tim Farron missed the exact moment Theresa May sprung her surprise general election - because he was in the air, flying to