Election Campaigns

Jeremy Corbyn could back radical plans to make it easier for party members to deselect sitting Labour MPs, senior sources
'She was not the only person who experienced this intimidation,' says PM.
A Tory MP has revealed her office door was urinated on and swastikas were carved into her election posters.   Sheryll Murray
Tells MPs he will be on 'permanent campaign mode'.
Jeremy Corbyn is to tour 60 Tory marginal seats as he puts Labour on “permanent campaign mode” in case Theresa May’s government
Jared's victory over Nick Clegg was considered one of the most dramatic results of election night. He again was a local activist and campaigner, who like Marsha had worked for disability charities. I know little of his campaign, but he must have got the vote of every student in the city who wanted revenge on Nick Clegg. The former Liberal Democrat leader who dramatically u-turned on his party's policy of free university tuition, once in coalition.
HuffPost UK's executive politics editor gives his outtakes from the election.
Five Things We Learned From An Extraordinary Night
1. MAYBOT MALFUNCTION “Nothing has changed! Nothing has changed!” In full Maybot malfunction mode, that’s what Theresa May