Elections to the European Parliament

MP for East Dunbartonshire and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson has announced she’s running for the party leadership position. Current leader Vince Cable is stepping down on 23 June, as the party enjoys a surge in popularity after taking the second most seats in the European Elections. A recent YouGov poll had them as the most popular party in the country, as the Conservative and Labour parties find themselves bogged down in Brexit, anti-Semitism investigations and an upcoming Tory leadership race.
Unite boss says making party pro-Remain would cost Northern and Midlands seats, urges consultation of party members and unions.
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is celebrating after taking almost a third of the vote at the European elections. The Liberal Democrats are also hailing their best ever European election results, taking second place with 21%. Voters appear to have signalled their anger over Brexit by deserting the main parties, with Labour holding 15% of the vote while the Conservatives are in fifth place behind the Green Party with just 9%.
Boost for far-right and Greens while support for centrist parties collapses.
Deputy leader says party must "find some backbone" on Brexit.
Two polling stations in Kingston have also had to close due to an unexploded WWII bomb.
All you need to know before heading to the polls.
"To me, the European elections should be treated as the second referendum."
On Thursday 23 May, the UK will be holding elections for the European Parliament. As Brexit rumbles on, we look at what the elections mean and who is running.