By engaging with potential employers and making the most of the chance to gain real, hands-on business experience, young people not only improve their skillset but also get the opportunity to demonstrate they have a possible future at a company.
Everyone knows that the facial feature of the moment is the brow. Ever since Arizona Muse stepped on to the runway (and in to numerous campaigns), the brow has been the facial focal point and it shows no sign of giving up its place under the spotlight.
Learning your AS Level Organic Chemistry is tough, I admit, and yes, those shoes are pretty hideous, but that's nothing compared to what's waiting for you.
Cast your mind back five years ago. If you work in media, marketing, business or tech, you'll no doubt remember a debate that raged in blogs, board rooms and bars after work. Was there really a business case for the then new-fangled craze of Social Media?
Information is coming thick and fast now, at the end of lectures today we had what can only be described as a "law information for the under 5s", which was packaged as career advice for postgraduate students.