I have been on Google+ for at least three weeks now, and if you haven't been a part of this so-called big threat to the Facebook cheese by now because you haven't got an invite or you haven't been bothered, this is what you might have missed.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A man accused of sending more than 27 million spam messages to Facebook users faces US federal fraud
When Bahrain erupted in anti-government protests in February, many in the West extolled the positive role played by social
Remember that man you’ve seen in the gym, on the Tube and at your favourite restaurant? Turns out he could be your new best
Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus often deploy friend recommending systems, so that new users can be discovered and new social connections can be created. Since these services have millions of users, recommending friends potentially involves searching a needle in a haystack
Many cite cyber-politics as a positive. They increase voting numbers, encourage voter-orientated campaigning by allowing for voter-feedback and encourage political involvement in general. But cyber-politics has its dark side. Like all other aspects of politics, corruption is sinking in.
Netanyahu's brutish political fighting stance has always been about smothering the peace process, bamboozling the international community and low blows when it comes to settlement expansion. However, this unprecedented domestic crisis could prove to be the knock-out punch he never saw coming.
Facebook has made an apparent U-turn on its controversial ruling over the use of Nirvana's iconic album cover for Nevermind
People's Facebook updates cheer me up no end. They seem to contain all of human life - how we are and how we secretly desire to be seen by others.
The man accused of killing nearly 100 people in two terror attacks in Norway appeared in court behind closed doors after