It won’t suggest your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as potential matches – unless you choose to use ‘Secret Crush'.
Qanon might be an American conspiracy, but cases like my friend show we here in Britain can no longer consider this a faraway, absurd fascination.
Almost 200 million voters in battleground states were categorised and sent tailored ads on Facebook and other platforms, an investigation has claimed.
"It records the minimal amount of personal data and most of the data is only recorded on the phone," says one cyber security expert.
Yet again, Trump officials are using deceptively altered imagery to attack the former vice president.
'Make America Great Again' memes are lightning rods for followers – and cash.
New transparency rules follow concern UK democracy open to “anonymous ‘dark ads’, dodgy donors, and foreign interference".
Accounts linked to a Romanian troll farm and The Epoch Times pushed disinformation about Trump's campaign, the coronavirus and anti-racism protests.
Facebook and Twitter both penalised the president's campaign for posting videos.
Posts were made from an account under the grime star's real name, Richard Kylea Cowie.