Tired of people on her Facebook timeline dismissing racism and the protests, Pamela Chandler decided to outline what she and her husband deal with.
If Black lives matter to you and you want to be an ally, you have to take a stand against white solidarity, even when it means calling out racially insensitive posts your friends or family share on Facebook.
Shadow minister Rachel Reeves confirms party has joined Stop Hate For Profit campaign after MP Dawn Butler targeted with racism.
The ad by online retailer Lemongrassrice appeared on Facebook in April. It's since been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.
The ads received more than a million impressions before Facebook pulled them under pressure.
Labour was plunged into its worst defeat since 1935 despite outspending the Tories on Facebook.
A woman from north London is making face masks to help keep her community safe. Isabella Guleroglu from Islington first responded to a request on a coronavirus support group on Facebook from a person in need of a face mask. She says it feels “really good” to know she is making a difference.
Twitter warned that the president's messages are "glorifying violence." Facebook remains silent.
When asked about Twitter's fact-checking of Trump, Zuckerberg said Facebook shouldn’t be “the arbiter of truth.”
The Brexiteer-in-chief left little to the imagination.