food prices

What would you give up to make sure you have enough food?Selling your latest iPhone and skipping trips to the cinema would not be enough. Many would have to consider selling their possessions and homes to raise enough money for food.
Scotland's poorest people are facing food shortages akin to Second World War rationing, a charity has said. Pensioners and
For a successful economy we need consumers, retailers and manufacturers; one to buy, one to sell and the third to make what
In Kitare, we visited another farming community that's benefited from the encouragement and training of Moucecore and Tearfund, this time through the introduction of a mushroom growing initiative.
I'm writing this from a guesthouse in the Rwandan capital Kigali, watching the last scraps of sunlight drip down onto the city. And as a young journalist on her first big expedition, I can't pretend it doesn't give me a thrill just to write that location down.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Prices at UK supermarkets are rising faster than expected and will continue to put pressure on households
We need food security at home and abroad, and greater transparency in how food commodities are traded globally, as Oxfam and others are calling for. People power helped fuel a rethink on the Common Fisheries Policy through the work of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Channel 4's Fish Fight campaign; now we need to do the same on food.