Funny Women

I was at the Edinburgh Fringe for the duration and, outside of our own female-centric activities, it seemed that misogyny abounded with an unusual amount male comics telling jokes about rape and domestic violence.
Ah, the Edinburgh Fringe... Like 'groundhog day' I'm back for the ninth year running, in my role as executive producer of Funny Women. This is the place where careers can be made or dreams shattered.
Essentially women are conditioned to laugh AT men and WITH other women. Hear me out before dismissing my theory. Comedy is bound up with power and sex, and an ugly man can laugh a woman into bed if all else fails. We go for a 'GSOH' kind of guy more often than pure good looks but a combination of the two is the ideal - we care less about appearance than men do.
I believe that most of us have the ability to be funny. By funny I mean the ability to make other people laugh, smile or react with amusement. We are all born with it - that little bit of crazy which we have as kids but slowly leaves us as we learn the rules of life.
We women have to employ a stealth approach to using humour in the boardroom, on public platforms and to build our relationships with friends and families. When we group together in tribes, professional networks, social or family groups, we are funny - gobsmackingly, hilariously funny, funny, funny.
Having spent a wet afternoon in Richmond Park earlier this week flag waving HRH the Queen on her royal progression to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, I did feel for the drenched military and community entourage.
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