From the upper echelons of the West London venue, I overlooked a jam-packed audience nodding their heads in unison as the five-piece band opened with the hypnotically folksy beat of 'Shield Your Eyes'. Moving into 'New Ceremony' followed by 'History Book', the band played more like an orchestra with the addition of a brass section that amped up the softer songs to give a more anthem-like feel.
It's time for us to once again top up that gig diary of yours with long, splendid nights of musical brilliance and tasty tunes.
There's so much music going on in London that sometimes it can leave you wondering where the hell is best to strut your stuff. Shall it be a night of face-chewing drum 'n' bass, or cocktails down the cabaret? Well we've got you five Emerging Icons gigs that'll each give you something different to throw your best shapes to.
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As the temperature continues to drop, the need to be in an enclosed space full of sweating bodies becomes more and more appealing. To help you locate these havens of stinking warmth, we've got another five amazing gigs to get pencilled into your gig diary. So here are the top five gigs that you just don't want to miss this week.
We know you love new music just as much as we do- so support the emerging scene by getting yourself along to gigs. It's sometimes the only way to fully appreciate an artist... and of course it's good craic as well. Let these acts know if you're planning on going to their gig by following the links to their gig listings and hitting 'YES'- you want to attend. It'll then go on your personal calendar!
You want some gigs to head to next week? Well just come here and listen to us then because we're about to reveal the gigs from our Emerging Icons that you just won't want to miss.
A tune-up, unplugged gig, this one was, leading up to the penultimate Royal Albert Hall capper this 1 November. The three-piece version of Karl Wallinger's World Party that played New York's quaint City Winery on 17 September no doubt will pale in comparison in about six weeks to the wall of sound sure wallow through the sacred London music house.
Got dosed up on hot whisky and Lemsip (the blackcurrant ones!) and sleeping tablets (to be taken responsibly young 'uns... just saying). Woke up the next afternoon in a very damp bed, freezing cold. It did the trick though.
Had a nice little (I say little but it was perfectly adequate) bra slung onstage!! Always a treat. One side of it was a sequinned Paraguayan flag... the other a sequinned Union Jack!! And in that wonderful moment our two great nations had never been closer.