These cute little goats seem to be playing a livestock version of musical chairs, and it's absolutely adorable. We can't
After scratching just under the surface of chart success for about a decade, The Black Keys finally hit the big time around 2011 with El Camino, a foot-stomping, drumming-on-the-wheel, open top American road trip album if there ever was one.
There was once a donkey who was so depressed he went on hunger strike. We kid you not. He just missed his friend. Watch the
A man has been jailed for six weeks after admitting having sex with a goat in a barn in Wiltshire. Robert Newman, 23, launched
The ten things you need to know on Wednesday 8 May 2013... 1) A MODEST SPEECH FROM HER MAJESTY From the Times: "The Queen
Yes, can we help you? Nothing to see here, folks. Only kidding! (Kidding - geddit?) There's actually plenty to see here - particularly
Now, this is all rather strange. A goat was kidnapped (kidnapped - geddit?*) from PB's Pumpkin Patch in San Diego on Sunday
Sage here may only be 14 months old, but he knows what he likes - and that's goats. He loves them so much, in fact, that
Police officers aren't coming across too well today. First there was the news of one undercover cop chasing himself around
SACHA Baron Cohen has done some outrageous things in his movies, but breast-feeding a goat is a new one.