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Project Q offers free gender-affirming haircuts and workshops to LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness, as a form of social justice. Workshops include providing life skills, in place of absent parents, like financial planning and nutrition on a budget.
This photographer took photos of dogs before and after their haircuts and it will melt your heart.
Lento yobugqi nenwele iye ibhide nabantu abathi banolwazi oluphangaleleyo ngalomba, kwaye amandla obugqi ahluka-hlukene.
I got my hair chopped the other day. It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped... We say: "It's PERFECT!" We think: I hate it. But do we say it right there and then? Gosh, no...
I was about to remove my most defining physical feature and I was scared that I would lose my identity. There's no doubt about it, when people see someone with dreadlocks they have certain preconceptions about what the person will be like.
Your reflection in the mirror bears grimacing witness to your new but truly awful hairstyle, the exact opposite of what you asked for. Welcome to the realm of the 'marecut' my friends. An hirsute abomination of your very worst dreams, a hairy horror that style didn't just forget, but Google would happily erase all trace of...
I've been a hairdresser for over twenty years and in that time, working across the TV and music business as well as magazines with the likes of Lady Gaga and Chris Martin, I have had the pleasure (usually) to run my hands through the hair of quite a few famous faces...or should I say heads!
Source: Barcroft Media A real-life Rapunzel has cut her hair for the first time to give her family the fairytale home they
A man has been banned from carrying scissors in public after he sneaked up on two unsuspecting women and cut their hair, police
A 12-year-old student who had a close shave with his teachers has had his ban from lessons lifted after doing what he could