Black writers criticised the decision to scrap a 1988 show featuring two characters in mud masks as "counterproductive" and "stupid."
In Fleabag, This Way Up and Back To Life, TV is embracing personal growth that's actually realistic.
Having recently announced that they have taken full control of streaming service Hulu, The Walt Disney Company continues to dominate the entertainment industry. As well as its own famous studios, Disney also owns Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, so it’s hardly surprising that the media powerhouse amassed almost $60 billion in global revenue last year.
George Clooney is returning to the small screen after twenty years, in the TV adaptation of Joseph Heller’s World War II dark comedy novel Catch-22. George and his wife Amal attended the premiere of the TV series in London on Wednesday. Catch-22 will air on Hulu on 17 May in the US and in the UK in June.
Game of Thrones, in case you didn't know it, is one of the biggest shows in the world and has helped turn actors like Emilia Clarke and Natalie Dormer into global stars. However, it may face stiff competition from Dawn. I spoke to model-turned-actress Fola Evans-Akingbola about both shows.
Tim Cook hates TV, and we mean really hates it. Speaking in a rare interview with Charlie Rose, Apple's CEO said watching
First, let me declare something: I'll almost always choose an American show over a British one and actively search the US network schedules and entertainment sites for something that tickles my fancy. But the lot of being a massive American television fan in the UK like myself is a strange one. If you don't want to risk tangling with the authorities by torrent-ing shows (and obviously I don't), you either have to cross your fingers a British channel buys it, or wait until something pops up on import DVD.