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One of the nation's leading doctors has urged people not to ignore niggling health problems just because it is Christmas
The ageing process is inevitable, but there are several steps you can take to slow it down that don't involve the pointy
Ill people are being urged to seek help earlier as part of a plan to keep more patients out of A&E. Those who are elderly
Red grapes and blueberries both contain compounds that work with vitamin D to boost the immune system, research suggests
Writing on winter ills seems surreal after the nourishing heat we have been fortunate to have in the last month. But, as far-fetched as it may seem, if we want to begin our preparations for winter, the time is now; preparation is the work-horse of prevention.
An immune system balancing act performed by scientists could yield new cancer treatments, experts hope. Researchers succeeded
A key weapon in the body's immune system armoury may play a major role in triggering cancer, new research suggests. Scientists
From the start of April onwards we once again become capable of synthesising vitamin D from safe sun exposure. But, that's the snag; the requirement for the sun to be out. For who are we kidding; the calendar may say summer is coming, but clearly someone forgot to remind Mother Nature.
Zinc plays a vital role in fighting infection by preventing the immune system from spinning out of control, research has
At this time of year, it can be hard to stay well. Despite your best efforts to avoid contact with bugs and encourage your