imperial war museum

Affording them "the respect and dignity they were denied in both life and death."
A collection of more than 500 first-hand accounts, some of which have never been seen before, have revealed graphic details
From hidden sugar lumps to cartoons of Adolf Hitler.
A new book is set to reveal some of the intriguing details and stories which have emerged from the Churchill War Rooms, the
A weapon used in a number of unsolved murders has been discovered on display in the Imperial War Museum. A VX58 assault rifle
Lives of the First World, the permanent digital memorial, is part of the story of Imperial War Museums. It is how we are
For the past two years I've been an arts journalist, writing about everything from classical ballet to wildly abstract modern dance. But I've never had any actual hands-on dancing experience myself, and thought it was about time I got some.
The chemistry of the First World War proved to be a double-edged sword. It not only killed, maimed, and destroyed, it also helped to protect troops and heal the sick and wounded.
Google Art Project launched in 2011 Google has expanded the art project that allows fans to take a peek inside museum walls