The controversial personality has allegedly applied for an insolvency arrangement.
The great British public loves a good deal, and good for them. But they need to understand and live with the consequences - service issues, delays and yes, occasionally, total collapse. Budget airlines are a great idea; just know what you are getting into.
Blind trust is the belief that an employee with access to company accounts chooses to stay late and work weekends, unobserved, out of selfless devotion. Professional scepticism is what allows those motives to be questioned, possibly using discrete checks.
Declaring bankruptcy is a sad event but it happens to many cash-strapped Brits who find themselves unable to pay their debts
Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds caused the 'financial downfall' of thousands of small businesses through "unscrupulous
George Osborne may celebrate the economy growing by 0.8%, but there are still more than 400,000 "zombie" businesses roaming
On the face of it the debacle arose from particular circumstances, not least the exquisite embarrassment of a top seven national auditor by revenue failing to audit itself properly whilst embarking on the sort of giddy, risky buying splurge its clients generally avoid.
Many “zombie” businesses are still alive due to the low interest rates at which they can pay off their debt, Business Secretary
Around 400 jobs are at risk at bed retailer Dreams after its new owner - courtesy of a pre-pack administration announcement
Sports Direct has become this week's high street hero by saving the jobs of 2,100 people, after it bought struggling retailer