International relations

Hunt disagreed with Corbyn after the Labour leader blamed Donald Trump for 'fuelling confrontation' with Iran.
'The questions that come to mind when reviewing South Africa’s foreign policy are: does the country still have a role on the continent?'
By raising the prospect of a renewed cold war with Russia, May is pushing the UK further away from its closest allies in Europe
The west is well used to the "panda diplomacy" which has seen the worldwide symbol of conservation used as an instrument of China's soft power. But more significant are the now-ubiquitous Confucius Institutes established in more than 500 university campuses around the world, through which the Chinese state is also trying to control international academic discourse on topics related to China.
AI isn't just another new technology. It has the ability to alter, and in some cases completely replace, human processes. AI's virtually limitless potential to transform businesses, workplaces, militaries, and people's lives across the world is incredibly exciting, but it is vital that any organisation that deploys AI ensures it does so responsibly.
Diplomacy is about learning to live together, especially with those with whom one disagrees or may not like. A succession of historical cases show the high stakes of nuclear diplomacy may create opportunities to put relations on a fresh footing that addresses the issues of respective parties. In the case of North Korea, to focus on the individual misses the point...
The pursuit of a war of words, as we are seeing, is unlikely to advance progress in resolving the conflict on the Korean Peninsula; it is time to think pragmatically.
It is imperative that South Africa remains as a member of the ICC and continues to advocate for meaningful structural changes within the ICC.
To put America first, Mr Trump must put the UN second. Channeling the far-sighted leadership of UN founding father Franklin D. Roosevelt is the best way to make America great again.
I don't have the solutions to these problems; hopefully someone, somewhere will. Yes, there are other factors which must be considered with the media today, but the recognition for the need of deeper, un-sensationalised reporting is the first step to achieving this goal.