Isaac Newton

Works by Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Goya were among the irreplaceable volumes stolen in Feltham, west London, in 2017.
Maybe I can use this time on the internet to study ornithology and become a rook expert in my 80th year, writes Esther Rantzen.
Would Newton be horrified to know that his most private thoughts are now accessible to anyone online? Probably. But he had himself taken care to save these papers throughout his long life. He believed that the day would come when his version of Christianity would be revealed to the masses as the true religion...
When the news broke recently that a ghostly particle had reportedly smashed the speed of light record by a huge 60nanoseconds over 455 miles, my scientific smugness degenerated to near tree worship. If you cannot trust the speed of light as a constant, then hug weeping willows.