James Murdoch

MPs will today decide whether to use parliamentary powers to force beleaguered News International chief executive Rebekah
It's fair to say that the strength of Ed Miliband's attack on News International during last Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions caught most political spectators by surprise. Amidst headlines of scandal and skulduggery, the Labour leader took a calculated risk to challenge the most powerful man in media. Could Miliband's surprising show of principles mark the beginning of a power shift - and a possible turnaround in his fortunes?
"Apparently, James Murdoch went to the School of Lawyerish Non-speak, and passed with high honors!" Denise Graveline (@dontgetcaught
After 168 years in the business, the terminal edition of the News of the World is weighed down by more than the gravity of the present situation. It is steeped in history, humour, hurt, hubris and boundless self-congratulation.
NEW YORK -- News Corporation shareholders already suing Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate over its $675m purchase of daughter
Let's be honest- BSkyB is what this all is about. It is why Rupert Murdoch has flown in to the country, it is why News International keeps on emphasising that a lot has changed in the four years since it last hacked into someone's personal voice messages.
Journalists and news junkies aren't the only ones watching every development in the News Of The World phone hacking scandal
Andy Coulson, former communications chief to David Cameron and ex-editor of News of the World, has been arrested by police
Press Association -- The News of the World has been sacrificed after a series of increasingly damaging allegations left its
No surprise, the newspaper industry had one thing on its mind on Friday morning. The last copy of News of the World is set