jimmy savile

I'd like to pay my respects and say R.I.P to Sir Jimmy Savile, who died on Saturday. I met him only once, weirdly, it was at a dinner at Chequers in October 1999. I was first to arrive that evening (sad but true) and I was standing talking to Tony Blair, who was rocking his Gap casuals. Anyway, who is the next guest to arrive, but Jimmy Savile. At that point I thought life is definitely getting surreal. Rock 'n' roll to the end, he spent the entire night trying with persistence to chat up my wife, Kate. He was a rock 'n' roller even in his 70s, a bit like my Dad. Actually, my Dad just does the rock 'n' roll, not the charity work.
Veteran DJ and broadcaster Jimmy Savile died on Saturday aged 84, just two days short of his 85th birthday. Politicians, celebrities
Jimmy Savile was a colourful character with colourful catchphrases to match. Most entertainers are lucky if they can scratch
Sir James - Jimmy - Savile, radio disc-jockey, television personality and indefatigable charity worker delighted in being
Jimmy Savile will be remembered by millions as the man in a very comfortable chair who made dreams come true in Jim'll Fix
Veteran broadcaster and charity campaigner Sir Jimmy Savile has died at his home in Leeds, aged 84. The police were called