jo cox foundation

Activists have had ribs cracked, been punched in the face, and called 'traitors' – the word used by MP Jo Cox's murderer when he appeared in court in 2017.
Jo Cox used to say there was no such thing as the ‘too difficult’ pile – more than ever we have to continue in that spirit and build on what we do have in common
Jo’s passion and inspiration are needed more than ever in the campaign to achieve a parliament that fully represents the country
The Prime Minister’s announcement today of the Building Connections Fund is a fitting tribute to Jo’s belief in stronger, better-connected communities
As we enter our second year we remain as committed as ever to working like Jo. And at least once a day the Foundation's small staff team whoop as another email or tweet comes in detailing the ways in which people up and down the country are celebrating her life and example in inspiring practical ways. To each and every one of them we say thank you, and Jo would have been proud of you.