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‘Broadchurch’ star Julie Hesmondhalgh has called for the way sexual violence is portrayed on TV to change. The actress is
‘Broadchurch’ Series 3 continues tonight, with the second episode seeing detectives Hardy and Miller begin their investigation
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The ratings are in following the return of ‘Broadchurch’ on Monday (27 February) night, and it’s officially brilliant news
‘Broadchurch’ returned on fine form on Monday (27 February) night, with the first episode of series three introducing viewers
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'For survivors to see their own experiences reflected back to them can be a powerful thing.'
‘Broadchurch’ is officially back on our screens and Monday (27 February) night’s series opener saw the sexual assault case
For survivors to see their own experiences reflected back to them can be a powerful thing, it can help them recognise that they are not alone in what they have lived through and continue to cope with. These TV shows can help survivors to find ways to speak about their experiences and access support, and can help society realise just how important it is to believe survivors, and to support them and be alongside them. I also hope it will help foster a shift in attitudes where we place the blame and shame on perpetrators, where it belongs.
‘Broadchurch’ star Julie Hesmondhalgh was so star-struck by being in the same scene as Olivia Colman, she could barely get
From the all-important case to when the episodes are on.
‘Broadchurch’ fans are currently awaiting the third and final series of the show, and ITV have now confirmed exactly when
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