julie hesmondhalgh

'Television at its best should be a mirror that we hold up to see ourselves.'
Julie Hesmondhalgh has spoken out in defence of the ITV drama ‘Liar’, amid ongoing debate about the show’s portrayal of sexual
By incorporating debates regarding pornography, victim shaming, and obsession, alongside a cast of sexually-frustrated male perverts, Broadchurch conjures a claustrophobic realm of masculine entitlement, in which rape is not merely an individual condition but a crisis of masculinity.
‘Broadchurch’s mystery has widened, following this week’s explosive episode, which saw two more crimes being reported, with
Plus, there are plenty more twists ahead in episode four.
A clip for the next episode of ‘Broadchurch’ has been shared online, showing Trish returning to the scene of the crime for
Will the police get any closer to finding out what happened on the night she was raped?
‘Broadchurch’ stepped up a gear on Monday (6 March) night, despite the fact the police’s struggle with their inquiry into
'I am absolutely sick of seeing young women being chased through woods by predators.'