Labor Issues

As the UK’s three biggest unions prepare to change leaders, what will it mean for their members and for Labour?
Nurses were excluded from the wage increase for around 900,000 public sector workers announced in July.
After a report revealed his campaign exploited prison labourers to make calls on his behalf, Bloomberg said he's no longer working with the company that hired them.
Endorsement means Wigan MP almost certain to join Starmer and Long-Bailey in final ballot
One source tells HuffPost UK adopting language of "middle class campaigners" risks alienating communities fearing for their jobs.
Around 110,000 members of the Communication Workers Union were balloted in the dispute over pay, conditions and employment terms.
Without wider reform, the increase in wages will effectively be like allowing workers to buy new skates but leaving them on thin ice, CLASS director Faiza Shaheen writes.
Exclusive: More than 600 trade unionists sign statement ahead of showdown between Jeremy Corbyn and members.
Shadow chancellor told to "toe the line" after calling for the party to campaign for to stay in EU.
BA has offered a pay rise of 11.5% over three years but Balpa says its members wanted a bigger share of the company’s profits.