LGBT news

Bruce Springsteen has called off a gig over a law which many people claim discriminates against transgender people. The Boss
His wife was also found stabbed to death in the bathroom.
Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, has been met with an outpouring of support after revealing she
Prosecutors have charged a man who shot and killed his son with premeditated murder, alleging that he committed the crime
So far the EU referendum campaign continues to be a war of stats and soundbites, with the political classes scrambling to take ownership of this debate and turning it into a lackluster affair. For LGBTI rights activists we must use this an opportunity to spark some life into this debate and stand up for equality at home and abroad by coming out for Europe.
Bouncing into the room at over 6ft 3, Keegan Hirst is not just tall, he's broad. He certainly doesn't step with caution as
Beaming with pride as she walks through the door, Nicola Adams has an air of confidence as we meet on level 42 of the Leadenhall
Feminist writer Julie Bindel has slammed calls to ban controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump and "pro-rape" advocate