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A pastor who brandished signs reading "Jesus would stone homos" outside his church in Harlem is being challenged in the best
Munroe Bergdof, model, DJ and activist Who are your LGBT heroes? Please pick three. I have so many LGBT heroes, but the existence
Television and radio presenter Evan Davis has revealed how he "came out" to his family and the importance of "being yourself
It's a big deal. You can't guess the reaction - even from the people you love and trust the most. But there comes a point where you simply must come out because if you don't, you are living a lie and, for most of us, that simply isn't appealing. The day has to come. Today was that day for Conservative MP and cabinet minister David Mundell. We can assume at the age of 53, he's had plenty of time to think long and hard about whether to do this. In his statement, Mundell, who is the Scottish Secretary and has three children, talked of a "New Year, new start" and "one of the most important decisions of my life".
Cartoon Network UK is facing criticism for 'censoring' a lesbian relationship from the children's show ‘Steven Universe’. The
In many countries across the world, 2015 saw governments take major leaps forward in terms of LGBT equality - from same-sex
This year has been a pivotal one for transgender people in this country, whether it's because of the Caitlyn Jenner's highly
Caitlyn Jenner announced that she has the 'soul of a female' Jenner's revelation put trans people in the spotlight, but the
The husband of an NYPD police officer who died during a rescue mission during 9/11 has launched an attack on transgender
British craft beer company BrewDog has released a 'transgender' beer just two months after a petition was launched for the