like a girl

'At school people used to take the mick because it wasn’t cool.'
Having won four Olympic gold medals, including two at the Rio 2016 Games, Laura Trott is officially the most successful female
In the poems which follow, Mort often uses pronouns to emphasise conflict between the female climbers and the male hegemony they are flouting; "Where you made ways, / we will unmake" ('An Easy Day for a Lady') and "Take off the clothes they want to keep you in" ('How to Dress').
A shocking 66% of girls feel held back by society’s expectations of them - but a powerful new advert is encouraging girls
A slogan like "Girls Rule" seems little more than a lie in this context. It implies that women leaders are respected, listened to, and rewarded for their hard work, talent, and intelligence - when that is clearly not the case. Perhaps the slogan "Girls Rule!" was created as a way of hiding the sad reality of gender inequality.
The past year has been one of extremes when it comes to women in leadership. We've had some 'vocal heroes' -- most notably Malala Yousafzai, but also Emma Watson promoting the He for She campaign
If you or others need to be inspired to 'woman up' and start challenging this absurd nonsense, might I suggest that you go and see Made in Dagenham -'the gateway drug to feminism'?
A former boss of mine had a habit of saying 'women can't tell jokes and women can't do creative'. He was referring to creating advertising ideas, when he said this but he could have meant anything creative, even cooking. Actually, he was including cooking: 'all of the best chefs in the world are men' he would also remind us.