lip balm

Pretty packaging + animal derived ingredient free = yes please.
VMagic, a feminine care line, has created a lipstick for your vagina.  Yep, that’s right, chapstick for your lady parts.  Easily
Greggs has launched two limited edition lip balms flavoured like its most popular festive foods - and is giving them away
Coconut oil still reigns supreme in the beauty world as a multipurpose miracle, but did you know it also makes a pretty amazing
We went to Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt (small compilation of holiday snaps below) predominantly so he could study for his diving licences, whilst I, being a very pale, wintery type unable to cope with such crazy heat, used my dive widow time to try out various new beauty finds, mostly from the haul I panic-bought at the airport Boots.
Ever since the The Body Shop started the classroom craze for little potted lip balms, I've been hopelessly hooked. Thanks to those tiny, apothecary-style glass jars full of unctuous, sweet smelling goo - Morello Cherry for a cheery tint, Tutti Frutti for a moisturising glaze - I haven't been able to resist a lip balm.
day I went to Old Spitalfields Market, to the Affordable Vintage Fair with Mr Pregnantcitygirl, Sister Pregnantcitygirl and Friend of Sister Pregnantcitygirl.