The ailing animal was found in a forest outside of Melbourne and named Baarack by rescuers
Brexit may have delayed the debate on cages, but now is an opportunity for the UK to be a leader in animal rights, writes Deborah Meaden.
Do you consider yourself a kind person? If so, how can you support firework displays? The price of those bangs and flashes is just too high, author Chas Newkey-Burden writes.
"I am committed to making our country the best place in the world for the care and protection of animals," Gove said.
The Conservative government simply must pay no less than full regard to animal welfare
© istockphoto This year's two week long United Nations Climate Change Conference has kicked off in Bonn, where governments
We have a real opportunity therefore, as we move away from this flawed system, to treat Brexit as a blank canvas upon which to redesign our food and farming policy. If we paint the right picture, we can make huge changes for the better not only here in the UK, but globally too, by setting a new benchmark for others to follow suit.
We'd like to do a lot more to beat this crisis but we also want to stop future generations being devastated by drought. Around 70% of Africa's people depend on smallholder agriculture for a living and they produce the bulk of the continent's food. We have to find a way to help them survive major crisis - come rain or shine.
Food security is a major global issue. There are many facets of this complex issue, but there is a critical one that continues to be overlooked. This blind spot amounts to ignoring one of the most useful aides to people in the developing world, and the loss of a huge opportunity for international development. It is the contribution of working horses, donkeys and mules.