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David Cameron announced a dramatic expansion of his 'troubled families' programme today as he claimed it had "turned around
A criminal investigation is to be launched after a damning new report into Rotherham's child sexual exploitation prompted
When the wider provision of support for vulnerable children and families is under systemic assault from the decimation of central and local government budgets, some old recycled statistics and 16 isolated families do not merit a reason to be cheerful.
We don't currently live in a country that practices population control, and the poor children that the government seeks to punish simply for existing are already here and a part of our society. We can't send them back, nor should we wish them away.
A report into England's most troubled families has painted a grim picture of sexual abuse and welfare dependency going back
The third sector is able to reach out to troubled families in a way that works. It works because families are not suspicious of us, they are not intimidated by our services and they are able to trust us.
Victims Commissioner Louise Casey has resigned in order to head the Government's broad response to the riots, Prime Minister
The law should guarantee that families can bury murder victims within a month, a government commissioner has said. Louise