Marsha de Cordova

The Battersea MP said she was standing down as shadow women and equalities secretary to focus on her marginal constituency.
Exclusive: Labour calls for action against “structural racism” to protect Black and Asian groups from the worst economic and health impacts of coronavirus.
The Labour Party told HuffPost UK it was "committed to challenging racism" – but some members say it has been silent and slow to act for too long.
Labour MPs Marsha de Cordova, Dawn Butler, Tulip Siddiq and Rupa Huq have all been wrongly identified by news outlets.
"Diversity in the workplace matters and it also helps to avoid making simple mistakes like this."
Labour should campaign to stay in the EU with left-wing "remain and reform" agenda, they say.
Jared's victory over Nick Clegg was considered one of the most dramatic results of election night. He again was a local activist and campaigner, who like Marsha had worked for disability charities. I know little of his campaign, but he must have got the vote of every student in the city who wanted revenge on Nick Clegg. The former Liberal Democrat leader who dramatically u-turned on his party's policy of free university tuition, once in coalition.